SDC/DIPS Theory Session via Zoom Access


Learners must have a valid booking to retrieve Zoom lessons meeting IDs and join for booked session.


To retrieve Zoom lesson meeting IDs, learners are to:-

  1. Login via website -, and
  2. Select "Zoom Details" to check for your booked session date/time Zoom Meeting ID


For image guide to retrieve Zoom Details and launch the session, please click below link:-


Attendance Taking

  • For authentication & security purposes, learners are required to sign in to Zoom.
  • Learners are required to join using full name per enrolment to facilitate attendance marking. Attendance will be marked base on name used in the meeting. 
  • If Alias name is used, please indicate your Learner ID beside your Alias 
  • Keep your video on


Do's & Don'ts

  • Learners should attend the lesson from a location with good internet connection. 
  • Once admitted to the session, learner should:-
    • Click Join Audio
    • Click Start Video
    • Rename your name, if necessary
  • Learners are to have a device with a working camera and microphone that is able to support Zoom. It is compulsory to enable camera to show your presence. 
  • Active participation is expected
  • To enable a good learning experience for all learners, CDC will remove learners from the Online lesson under the below circumstances:-
    • Learners who are driving or riding in an unsafe situation
    • Learners who are late for more than 15 minutes
    • Learners whom are non-responsive for more than 10 minutes 
    • Learners whose camera is off
    • Learners who cannot be seen for more than 10 minutes
    • Learners who are abusive or disrupt the class
  • There will be no refund of lesson fee, if any for learners who are removed from the online session.