Private eTrial

The e-Trial provides learners with practice in topics in BTT and FTT. This enables learners to enhance their knowledge of the BTT and FTT curriculum.

Each session of e-Trial test is 50-minute and learners are allowed to attempt up to 2 sets of papers per session.

Each session of e-Trial test is chargeable at $12.00 (subject to prevailing GST).


The e-Trial test is available both in the classroom and online. For classroom, you must make a booking in advance. For online e-Trial test can be assessed through your mobile phone or computer via the website booking portal.

Booking of classroom e-Trial test can be made via myCDC app or website booking portal.  Unutilized eTrial test sessions will not be refunded.


Please refer to the article "How to Access Online eTrial?" for online eTrial access guide.