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To reset your password, please download our mobile app to use the "Forget Password" function to reset your password. Please ensure you are logged out of your profile to use the "Forget Password" function under "Login" page. (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sg.com.comfortdelgro.cdc_prd) (https://apps.apple.com/in/app/cdc/id1478596744) -------------------------

Singapore Licence Conversion to International Licence

You may apply for your International Driving Permit at the Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS) at 535 Kallang Bahru, #01-08 GB Point, Singapore 339351. For enquiries, please call AAS at 6333 8811.

Where To Renew PDL

The PDL is valid for two years and the renewal fee is $25.00. You may renew your PDL online via http://www.police.gov.sg/e-services or the Police@SG mobile (mailto:Police@SG%20mobile) app. For application guide, please refer to article "How to Apply for PDL?" (https://cdc.ladesk.com/515308-How-to-Apply-for-PDL)

Booking Guide

You may refer to our Booking Guide for guidance in your lesson/test bookings. - Mobile App Booking Guide (#mapp guide) - Website Booking Portal Guide (#website guide) ------------------------- 5-STEP MOBILE APP GUIDE ------------------------- 4-STEP WEBSITE BOOKING PORTAL GUIDE

How to Apply for PDL?

ePDL application is via Traffic Police's website - http://www.police.gov.sg/e-services or the Police@SG mobile (mailto:Police@SG%20mobile) app. CLASS 3/ 3A Pre-requisite for application:- - Valid eyesight test record - Passed BTT CLASS 2B Pre-requisite for application:- - Valid eyesight test record - Passed BTT - Completed Circuit Training Programme -------------------------

Can I Don't Take The Eyesight Test?

Under the Traffic Police's instructions, learners must pass the eyesight test before any test bookings can be made. If you have done your eyesight test with any other driving centre within the last 3 years, you may attempt to apply for the ePDL online via Traffic Police website which will indicate if your eyesight test is still valid. To retrieve the records, please login to Traffic Police eServices website - CLICK HERE (https://eservices.police.gov.sg/content/policehubhome/homepage/provisio...

Retrieval of BTT Record

To retrieve BTT records, please login to Traffic Police eServices website and attempt to apply for an ePDL - CLICK HERE (https://eservices.police.gov.sg/content/policehubhome/homepage/provisional-driving-licence.html). The record will be available on the application page as below sample shown. If the record is not shown, you will need to check with Traffic Police Department @ CDC Level 2. You may visit Traffic Police at CDC Ubi Centre Level 2 between Mon-Fri 8.30AM to 4.30PM (avoid lunch t...

Can I Learn Driving/Riding if I have a Pre-Existing Eyesight Issue?

For learners with eyesight issues, a medical declaration is required. To proceed with any registration, please request for the eyesight test medical form from Traffic Police Department @ CDC, Level 2 during office hours. You are required to:- - Get doctor to declare "Fit to Drive" on medical form - Submit medical form to Traffic Police Department @ CDC, Level 2 during their office hours Mon-Fri 8.30AM to 4.30PM (avoid lunch time 12PM-2PM) or Saturday 8.30AM to 12PM. No appointment ...

How to Disable Pop-up Blocker?

INTERNET EXPLORER - Open Internet Explorer, select the Tools button - Select Internet Options - Select the Privacy Tab - Under “Pop-up Blocker”, select or clear the “Turn on Pop-up Blocker” check box, and then select “OK” ANDRIOD OS - CHROME - Open Chrome on your phone, select the button on the top-right corner of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear. Scroll down the drop-down menu and select Settings - Scroll dow...

Digital Photograph

The digital photograph is the requirement of Traffic Police Department. Learners are supposed to take their Digital Photograph before booking their Traffic Police Test if you do not hold any valid Qualified Driving Licence. The Digital Photograph will be used for your Qualified Driving Licence. Failure to do so, or making a false declaration to Traffic Police to book the test may result in your test booking getting cancelled and forfeiting the payment. The digital photograph is chargeable a...

Records Taken at Other Driving Centre

For learners who have taken your theory test(s), eyesight test or digital photograph at another driving centre, please inform us to update your records for the relevant bookings. You may inform us through the following from our "Find Us (https://www.cdc.com.sg/contact-us)" webpage:- - Enquiry Form - Live Chat Alternatively, you may also approach our Customer Service Information Counter for assistance when you are at our centre.

Need to Display Probationary Plate with Existing Licence

Learners who posses an existing qualified licence class for a year or more, and have passed their practical test recently for a new licence class are still required to display the probationary plate. Your new licence class may be revoked if you obtain 13 or more demerit points during the probationary period of one year.

Probationary Licence - Accumulation of 13 or more Demerit Points

For probation licence holder with more than one licence class, if 13 or more demerit points are received during the probation period, the licence under probation will be revoked. If you have multiple classes of licence under probation, they will be revoked at the same time.