Membership Validity & Renewal - Motorcycle Courses

Learners may login to their myCDC mobile app and check under the profile for your membership expiry date. 

Renewal of membership may be done on the website booking portal or through myCDC mobile app within membership validity period. 

For expired memberships within grace period, renewal may be attempted through myCDC mobile app login.


CLICK HERE for pictorial guide. 


Membership validity period and renewal fee is as follow for the respective courses:-

Course Type



Renewal Fee*/


Class 2B 1-year



Class 2A 1-year



Class 2 1-year



*Subject to prevailing GST.

Expired Membership

For expired membership renewal, learners are only given 1-month grace period from membership expiry date for renewal. Membership is considered void should the renewal not be done within the grace period and a new enrolment is required. 

Renewal within grace period may be attempted through mobile app login.


Membership Renewal Pictorial Guide