Motorcycle Course - Class 2B/ 2A/ 2


A quick guide for enrolled C2B school learners to start your learning journey ... After enrolment, login online to book the following: - Booking Type Location Remarks - Circuit Training Programme (CTP) CDC Select “Practical Lesson” option to book - Basic Theory Lesson A & B Via Zoom CLICK HERE for guide to retrieve Zoom Details ( - Practical Lesson 1 to 5 CDC ...

Payment Method for Booking of Lesson & Test

Lesson and test booking payment is via your Store Value Account upon successful enrolment. Any remaining credits in your Store Value Account will be refunded upon graduation. To top-up your Store Value Account, you may top-up via: - - myCDC mobile App, or - Website booking portal

How to Book for Lessons?

Booking of lessons can be made via the: - myCDC mobile app - Website booking portal For Class 2B learners, the following pre-requisite has to be fulfilled before Lesson 6 (Road Training) can be booked:- - Completed Defensive Riding Theory Lesson (DRT) - Valid ePDL Only one practical lesson may be booked at any one time. No cancellation or postponement is allowed for Circuit Revision Lessons and Re-training session.

Enrolment Fee - Motorcycle Courses

Course Enrolment Fee is compulsory as it covers your learner rider insurance and course duration membership with us. Please visit our website for the relevant Course Fees:- - Class 2B ( - Class 2A ( - Class 2 (

Minimum Requirement for Motorcycle Enrolment

CLASS 2B ENROLMENT MINIMUM REQUIREMENT - At least 18 years old at the time of application - Physically and mentally fit - Passed eye-sight and colour blindness tests - Have not accumulated more than 12 demerit points under the Driver Improvement Points System (DIPS) - Applicants who are above the age of 65 or pregnant must produce a certified doctor’s letter stating that they are fit to drive/ride during the period of training and Traffic Police Test CLASS 2A ENROLMENT MINIMU...

Membership Validity & Renewal - Motorcycle Courses

Learners may login to their myCDC mobile app and check under the profile for your membership expiry date. Renewal of membership may be done on the website booking portal or through myCDC mobile app within membership validity period. For expired memberships (#Expired Membership)within grace period, renewal may be attempted through myCDC mobile app login. CLICK HERE (#Membership Renewal Image Guide) for pictorial guide. Membership validity period and renewal fee is as follow for the ...

Replacement of Training Record Booklet

Training record booklet may be replaced at Customer Service Info Counter at $5.00 (subject to prevailing GST). No appointment required.

Can I Use My Own Bike for Lessons/Test?

No. Bikes used for instructional and testing purposes have to be insured for training and testing, and must be approved by the Land Transport Authority.