Upgrading of Theory Course to Practical Course

Learners who have enrolled for our BTT & FTT BUNDLE E-LEARNING can upgrade the theory course to our Class 3/3A practical course at $75.00* within the course validity period.

Learner membership will be extended for another 6-month from membership expiry. 


To upgrade the theory course to practical course, learners may submit an enquiry form or launch a live chat session with us through our "Find Us" webpage with the following information:-
1. Authorize deduction of $75.00* from your account for the course upgrade (top-up is required)
2. Licence Class Type - Class 3A or Class 3
3. Coaching Scheme - Standard, OneTeam or EliteTeam 

*Subject to prevailing GST.

More information on our practical course and training schemes can be found on our website.