Account Termination & Store Value Credits Refund


Account termination and refund of the remaining credits in your store value can be done through website booking portal for the following scenarios:-

  • Loss of interest to continue
  • Change from private account to school account (vice versa)
  • Expired/Invalid Account
  • Private Learners who passed their practical test


For school learner's graduation refund, please refer to "Graduation Refund".

For termination and refund of remaining store value in account, please refer to the following:-

  1. Login to your account via our website
  2. Select “Termination Request” on the left menu panel
  3. Read and Agree to the Important Notice on Termination Request
  4. Select refund method and check all details are correct 
  5. Click "Confirm" to proceed

For PayNow option, please ensure your mobile number is enabled for PayNow service.

Processing time for PayNow will take 2-3 weeks.

Please note that once your request is submitted, it is irreversible and a new enrolment is required if you decide to continue at a later stage.