Theory & Practical Test

What Language is Available for Theory Test?

Basic Theory and Final Theory Test is available in 4 major languages:- - English - Mandarin - Malay - Tamil

Traffic Police Department Terms & Conditions for Booking and Taking of Traffic Police Test (Theory and Practical)

1. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS - a. An applicant who is booking/taking the Traffic Police Theory or Practical Driving/ Riding Test must be physically and mentally fit to drive/ride a vehicle and should not cause the driving by him/her to be a source of danger to the public. Those who have the following illness may not be subjected to a driving test:- - i. Colour blind, - ii. Suffering from fits or epilepsy, - iii. Mental Illness/ Mental Health Disorder - iv. Other illnesses that causes...

How to Cancel Traffic Police Theory/ Practical Driving Test?

There will be no refund of test fee, vehicle fee and warm-up fees for any cancellation of your test date by you.

Documents Required on the Day of Practical Driving Test

The following documents must be produced on the driving test date: - Singpass Digital IC / physical Singapore Identity Card or Passport - Singpass Digital IC / physical Valid Work Passes or Permit (for foreigners only) - Valid ePDL/ - Valid QDL if any - Student Booklet A duplicate copy of the Identity card or passport, including a temporary Identity Card replacement slip will not be accepted. Foreigners must also produce their original employment pass/immigration pass and passpo...

When Can I Book BTT/FTT After I Failed or Absent for Test?

Learners can rebook a new test date on the next working day.

Where is Theory Test Held?

Theory Test(s) is held at the driving centre Level 2, Classroom 2. 205 Ubi Ave 4 Singapore 408805

When Can I Book for My Traffic Police Practical Driving Test?

You may book the Traffic Police Practical Driving Test upon completion of the followings:- - Booked VPC & LDCS enhancement training, and - Passed the Final Theory Test, and - Completed Simulator Training, and - Valid Digital Photograph Record, and - Booked the number of practical lessons stipulated by the CDC instructors. Your Provisional Driving Licence (PDL) must be valid when you book the Practical Driving Test. There will be no refund of test and warm-up fee for cancell...

What Practical Test Timing Is Available?

Class 3/3A Practical Tests are held on:- - Mondays to Fridays from 7.25AM to 3.35PM (warm-up time); - Saturdays from 7.25AM to 10.50AM (warm-up time) SESSION WARM-UP TIME TEST TIME 1 7.25am - 8.00am 8.25am - 9.10am 2 8.15am - 8.50am 9.15am - 10.00am 3 9.10am - 9.45am 10.15am - 10.59am 4 10.00am - 10.35am 11.00am - 11.44am 5 10.50am - 11.25am 11.45am - 12.30pm 15 12.50pm - 1.25pm 2.00pm - 2.45pm 16 1.45pm - 2.20pm 2.50pm -...

Validity Period/ Expiry Date for Basic Theory / Final Theory Test (BTT/FTT)

BTT is valid for lifetime unless revoked, suspended or disqualified by Traffic Police. FTT result is only valid for a period of two years from the date passed. Learner will need to retake the Theory Test when its validity expires, revoked, suspended or disqualified by Traffic Police.

Can I Book for Multiple Test Date at Different Driving Centre?

No multiple bookings of test dates across the test centres is allowed. Learner is allowed to book for one test only. Any multiple bookings of test will be cancelled by Traffic Police and no refund of the test fees will be made.

Can I book all Theory and Practical Test Together?

Learners are not allowed to have multiple test bookings. You need to pass each of the respective tests before the next test booking. To book for your practical test, you are required to complete the Simulator Training prior to booking after passing your FTT.

How to Book for Theory Test as a School Learner?

You can book your theory test online through our myCDC mobile app or website booking portal once you have enrolled with us, with a valid eyesight test record. For first time school learner, you are required to book for the Internal Evaluation before booking for the Traffic Police Theory Test. Cancellation or refund of the theory test fee is not allowed once it has been booked. Enrol for our practical course now and start your practical training while waiting for your theory test. CLICK HE...

Documents Required to Take Practical Test During Pregnancy

Pregnant testee(s) must produce a doctor’s letter to certify that she is fit to take on all aspects of the test on the day of the test, which must be specified in the letter. For other documents required on the day of the practical test, please read the article "Documents Required on the Day of Practical Driving Test ("

Dress Code for Practical Test

No slippers/sandals/open back shoes are allowed during practical test.