Change Coaching Scheme


For more information on available coaching schemes under Ubi - CLICK HERE

To change your coaching scheme, there will be an admin fee of $20.00*. 

To proceed with the change for your Class 3/3A coaching scheme under Ubi, you may submit an enquiry form or launch a live chat session with us through our "Find Us" webpage with the following information:-


  1. Preferred Coaching Scheme  - Standard, OneTeam, EliteTeam EV-EliteTeam
  2. Authorize deduction of $20.00* from your account for the change in coaching scheme
  3. Authorize for cancellation of any practical lesson(s) on-hand
  4. Acknowledgement of additional premium fee per lesson, if applicable (for OneTeam & Elite Team)
  5. Acknowledgement of practical training waiting time

*Subject to prevailing GST.

You may refer to our HELP PORTAL for the respective coaching schemes session opening dates - CLICK HERE


Please note that coaching scheme is unavailable for Kovan/Tampines pick-up location.
For change in pick-up locations, please refer to HELP PORTAL article "Change Practical Lesson Pick-Up Point Location" - CLICK HERE