Practical Lessons

How to Check for Car Allocation?

Download our mobile app to check for your car allocation. -------------------------

What is Induction Program (IP)?

The Induction Program (IP) is a 50-minute lesson held via Zoom where learners are given a comprehensive overview of their learning roadmap in CDC for both the theory component and practical component. Learners will also get to learn about the key policies and procedures that guides their learning journey in CDC. The IP is compulsory for all CDC learners.

What is Vehicular Pre-Operative Check (VPC)?

VPC is a 50-minute practical lesson where learners are taught about the items to inspect the car for before the start of the journey. This will then enhance the safety and efficiency of the journey. As the checklist of items consists of both the interior and exterior of the car, the VPC imparts a structured and comprehensive list of items to check for. The VPC is compulsory for all CDC learners.

What is Learner's Driver Competency Screening (LDCS)?

LDCS is a 50-minute practical lesson utilizing the Driver Development tool to measure learner driving behavior such as acceleration, braking and cornering. The Driver Development tool is a technologically advanced telematics tools making use of cameras and sensors. LDCS is compulsory for all CDC learners and conducted at Ubi only.

Can I Change My Licence Class Halfway Through the Course?

Learners are encouraged to continue with the current class type. However, learners may seek the advise of our instructor if it is appropriate to change as the learning progress will be disrupted. Learners are required to re-take the simulator training modules under the new class type if the current class type training has been completed.

Change Licence Class Type - School Learner

To change your course licence class type, there will be an admin fee of $20.00 (subject to prevailing GST). To proceed with licence class type change for your Class 3/3A course, you may submit an enquiry form or launch a live chat session with us through our "Find Us (" webpage with the following information:- 1. Authorize deduction of admin fee from your account for the licence class change 2. Authorize for cancellation of any practical lesson(s) on-hand ...

How to Book for Lessons?

Booking of lessons can be made via the: - myCDC mobile app - Website booking portal Learners are advised to book lessons in advance. Please read article "Session Opening Dates for Practical Lesson Booking" ( for the respective training scheme session opening dates. A valid Provisional Driving Licence (PDL) is required before the commencement of every road-training lesson.

Number of Lessons Required

Our instructors will advise on the number of lessons that you have to take before the practical test to complete the course curriculum. On average, learners have to attend around 24 to 27 lessons.

Payment Method for Booking of Lesson & Test

Lesson and test booking payment is via your Store Value Account upon successful enrolment. Any remaining credits in your Store Value Account will be refunded upon graduation. To top-up your Store Value Account, you may top-up via: - - myCDC mobile App, or - Website booking portal Accepted payment modes: -

Practical Coaching Scheme

There are 4 different coaching schemes our learners can choose from: - --------------------------------------------------------------- Starting from 1 Jan 2024

Change Coaching Scheme

For more information on available coaching schemes under Ubi - CLICK HERE ( To change your coaching scheme, there will be an admin fee of $20.00*. To proceed with the change for your Class 3/3A coaching scheme under Ubi, you may submit an enquiry form or launch a live chat session with us through our "Find Us (" webpage with the following information:- - Preferred Coaching Scheme - Standard, OneT...

How to Fix An Instructor

Learner who is under the Common Pool training scheme may fix their preferred instructor at an additional charge of $15.00 (subject to prevailing GST) per practical lesson; subject to the instructor’s availability. In the event if the fixed instructor is not available for the lesson booked, the premium fee will be refunded. Learner is still required to go through the lesson with the instructor allocated if cancellation is not available (lesson within 48-hour). Instructors who are coaching u...

Session Opening Dates for Practical Lesson Booking

You may find the session opening dates for Class 3/3A practical lesson booking on our website. CDC Ubi’s Session Opening dates is as follows: Class 3 One Team / Elite Team 13th of every month, 10:00pm Class 3 Standard 15th of every month, 10:00pm Class 3A EV-Elite Team 17th of every month, 10:00pm Class 3A Standard/ One Team/ Elite Team There is no session opening date. Please check online regularly for slots availability. CDC Kovan’s Session Opening dates is as follows: Class 3 22nd of ever...

Change Practical Lesson Pick-Up Point Location

Learners may opt to take their practical lesson from Ubi (main office) or choose from our available pick-up points. For available pick-up points, please visit our website for more information - CLICK HERE ( To change your practical lessons location, there will be an admin fee of $20.00*. To proceed with the location change for your Class 3/3A course, you may proceed to Kovan Office, submit an enquiry form or launch a live chat s...

Can I Choose to Skip Subjects or Review?

Our instructor reserves the right to review the previous lesson/subject taught. Learner drivers must meet the minimum requirement for each subject/module before proceeding to the next subject/module. Learner drivers should follow the instructions and safety regulations given by the instructor during the lesson.

Dress Code for Practical Lesson

Learners need to be in proper attire at all times during practical lessons. No slippers/sandals/open back shoes are allowed during practical lessons or test.

Lessons During Adverse Weather Conditions

Practical lessons will still proceed, regardless of the weather condition, unless informed by the centre. The centre will not be responsible for any expenses, cancellation or voluntary absenteeism from lessons due to any weather conditions, "Act of God" e.g. flooding, etc. No refund will be made by the centre if learner voluntarily chooses not to attend the lesson due to the weather condition.

Practical Lessons During Pregnancy

You may do so with the approval from your gynaecologist who has to certify that you are fit for practical lessons as well as the Practical Driving Test. Please bring along the letter of certification from your gynaecologist for every practical lesson and the Traffic Police Practical Driving Test. You will also have to submit the most recent letter (that states the date of your Practical Driving Test) to the Traffic Police Department on the day of your Practical Driving Test.

65 Years Old & Above Required Documents for Practical Training

Learners above the age of 65 must produce a certified doctor’s letter stating that you are fit to drive during the period of training and practical test. Learners can obtain the letter from our Info counter or from the Traffic Police.