Theory & Practical Lessons

How to Book Lessons?

Booking of lessons can be made via the: - myCDC mobile app - Website booking portal An additional $8.03 is payable for each subsequent booking (repeated bookings) of any theory lesson.

How Long is Each Theory Lessons?

The duration of each lesson is 100 mins.

Theory Lesson via Zoom Access

Learners must have a valid booking to retrieve Zoom lessons meeting IDs and join for booked session. To retrieve Zoom lesson meeting IDs, learners are to:- - Login via website -, and - Select "Zoom Lessons" to check for your booked session date/time Zoom Meeting ID For image guide to retrieve Zoom Details and launch the session, please click below link:- - Android User (#android zoom) - iOS User (#ios zoom) Attendance Taking - For aut...

Dress Code & Compulsory Safety Accessories Required for Practical Lesson

​​​​​​ Learners need to be in proper attire during practical lessons. No shorts and slippers/sandals are allowed. The compulsory safety gear that must be worn during every practical lesson consists of:- - Helmet (Open face/ Modular motorcycle helmet with Clear Visor and PSB approved sticker) - Fully Covered Gloves - Knee & Elbow Guards Motorcycle accessories can be purchased under "Shop Merchandise" on myCDC ( mobile app, vending machines lo...

Are Safety Gears Provided During Training?

For personal hygiene, safety gears will not be provided during training. You may purchase your safety gears via myCDC mobile app merchandise store prior to your lesson.

Session Opening Date for Practical Lessons

There is no session opening date for the Motorcycle lessons. Please check online regularly for slots availability.

Practical Lessons During Pregnancy

You may do so with the approval from your gynaecologist who has to certify that you are fit for practical lessons as well as the Practical Riding Test. Please bring along the letter of certification from your gynaecologist for every practical lesson and the Traffic Police Practical Riding Test. You will also have to submit the most recent letter (that states the date of your Practical Riding Test) to the Traffic Police Department on the day of your Practical Riding Test.

Lessons During Adverse Weather Conditions

Practical lessons will still proceed, regardless of the weather condition, unless informed by the centre. Instructors will provide more information during the lesson about how the session will be conducted. The centre will not be responsible for any expenses, cancellation or voluntary absenteeism from lessons due to any weather conditions, "Act of God" e.g. flooding, etc. No refund will be made by the centre if learner voluntarily chooses not to attend the lesson due to the weather condit...

65 Years Old & Above Required Documents for Practical Training

Learners above the age of 65 must produce a certified doctor’s letter stating that you are fit to drive during the period of training and practical test. Learners can obtain the letter from our Info counter or from the Traffic Police.