Is the Basic Theory Test for Driving and Motorbike the Same?

The Basic Theory Test is the same for both driving and motorbike.

How Many Theory Lessons is Required for Class 2B?

For Class 2B learners, there are seven compulsory theory lessons. - Basic Theory Lessons A & B - Defensive Riding Theory Lesson 1, 2 & 3 - Riding Theory Lessons A & B Learners are advised to attend the theory lessons in sequential order. Booking of online theory lessons can be made via:- - Mobile app - Online Booking System

What is Expressway Familiarisation Ride (EFR)?

The Expressway Familiarisation Ride (EFR) is a 100 minute course for learner riders whom have passed the Class 2B practical riding test. During the EFR, learner riders get exposure to riding on the expressways. This enables them to learn the correct techniques of riding on expressways. First time booking is complimentary. Subsequent re-booking is chargeable. Please refer to our Course Fee section on our website for subsequent booking charges - CLICK HERE (

What is Circuit Training Programme (CTP)?

Circuit Training Program (CTP) is a 100-minute lesson held at Ubi Centre where learners are given a comprehensive overview of their learning roadmap in CDC for both the theory component and practical component. Learners will get to learn the fundamentals of riding a Class 2B motorcycle and also get to learn about the key policies and procedures that guides their learning journey in CDC. The CTP is compulsory for all CDC learners. Safety gears is not required during CTP.

Number of Lessons Required

Learners are required to complete 8 practical stages. You will be assessed during each practical stage. Learners who fail the assessment will need to re-book and re-attend. It is subjected to instructor's assessment to clear each stage.