Documents Required on the Day of Practical Riding Test

The following documents must be produced on the driving test date:

  • Singpass Digital IC / physical Singapore Identity Card or Passport
  • Singpass Digital IC / physical Valid Work Passes or Permit (for foreigners only)
  • Valid ePDL/
  • Valid QDL for Class 2B or 2A, subject to the licence class test you are taking
  • Student Booklet

A duplicate copy of the Identity card or passport, including a temporary Identity Card replacement slip will not be accepted.  Foreigners must also produce their original employment pass/immigration pass and passport.

You must be in proper attire.  Must be in sleeved top, long pants and covered shoes during practical test. No slippers/sandals/open back shoes are allowed.

Latecomers will not be allowed to attend the test.

Pregnant testee(s) must produce a doctor’s letter to certify that she is fit to take on all aspects of the test on the day of the test, which must be specified in the letter.


Note: Failure to produce any of the documents mentioned and adhering to the requirements on the day of the test will disqualify the learner rider from taking the Traffic Police Practical Driving Test and all fees paid will not be refunded.